Believe is a 2016 filly out of Abba's Promise and sired by Haitse 425. Believe had a rough start to life spending her 1st month fighting for her life but is thriving now. She earned a 3rd premie at her keuring receiving an impressive 7.5 for her trot (a score of at least 7 is needed for the trot for a 1st premie) and we expect great things from her with more maturity! click here for a video of Believe (and Zion)

Zion is a 2015 colt out of Promise. Zion earned a 2nd premie at his foal Keuring. Zion is very much like his sister, Phenomenon; he has an active hind leg, a good over track in his walk and a well balanced uphill canter. Zion has excellent character and is very trainable he is a great example of the Friesian breed.

Check out his videos here:

3 months, 1 year 3 months, 1 year 9 months 

1 year & 10 months with his sister, Believe

Bene 476 X Goffert 369

Phenomenon is out of our mare Abba's Promise, who is sired by Goffert 369 and is sired by Doaitsen 420 sport. Phoebe as we call her, earned her Ster predicate in 2016 as a 3yr old and was champion of the 3 yr old class at the Central mare inspection. Phoebe embodies everything you could ever want in a friesian built for dressage. willingness, quality gates, and talent. we are excited about her future!

Haitse 425 X Goffert 369

Phenomenon F.S.F

Believe in Miracles F.S.F

Doaitsen 420 X Goffert 369

Zion F.S.F


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