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Bravour is a 2008 16.3 hand imported Ster & Sport Friesian gelding. Bravour has competed to Z level dressage in Europe, Which is very impressive for a Friesian horse at just 6 yrs old at the time of competition. Bravour was very close to being chosen as an approved stallion while in the Netherlands. This gelding has phenomenal dressage potential with 3 exceptional gates, a jaw dropping UPHILL canter that also covers ground AND collects, easy & fluid lateral movements, light off the leg, easy to sit, quick to the aids, and is also showing talent for piaffe and passage. Suitable for a semi beginner rider with a trainer. On top of his dressage capabilities Bravour is also trained to drive single and pairs, has been ridden in parades and has a beautiful long mane, forelock and thick tail. 

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Phenomenon FSF

Doaitsen 420 X Goffert 369

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Abba's Promise

Gofer 369 X Feitse 293

Bravour van de Noeste Hoeve

​Gjalt 426 x Feitse 293

Zion fsf 

Bene 476 X Goffert 369

Haitse 425 x Goffert 369

For Sale:
Zion FSF is a March 2015 2nd Premie KFPS Friesian colt sired by Bene 476 Out of our mare, Abba's Promise, who is sired by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Goffert 369. Promise's dam, Tiffany, a Ster mare, is sired by the Preferent stallion Feitse 293 and is from stam line 50, one of the most sought after stam lines with the highest rate for approved stallions, Tiffany also has a unbroken line of star/ model/ preferent over 6 generations.
Zion has a very kind character, is smart, willing and quick to learn. He already leads, moves off of light pressure, picks up his feet, loads on a trailer, bathes and is very brave in new places. He is the first to greet you in the pasture (his dam is 2nd to greet and has very similar character) This is one of the sweetest, brave and kind foals I have ever had the pleasure of breeding and working with. Sorry, Zion is now off the market & will remain with us!
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Embryo Transfer opportunity  $1,000

Abba's Promise is sired by the Grand Prix dressage stallion, Goffert 369 sport and is out of the Ster mare, Tiffany who is sired by the preferent stallion, Feitse 293.

Promise's first foal, Phenomenon achieved her Ster status at 3 years old, I expect her other 2, to also achieve Ster status. Cost of embryo transfers range between average around $3,700 plus the cost of semen and transport to the vet clinic, which is 3.5 hours away from our farm. We have had success getting Promise bred 1st try all 3 times time, once an embryo is flushed the clinic has an 85% success rate using their recipient mares. choose from these stallions:  Sape 3.52% inbreeding, 17.4% affinity * Hessel  3.91 inbreeding, 17.5% affinity Bene 2.34% inbreeding, 17.6% affinity Doaitsen 4.69% inbreeding, 17.5% affinity, Epke 474 4.49% inbreeding, 18.1% affinity Frozen $570, Wolfert 467 1.95% inbreeding, 17.6% relationship Frozen $530,Stendert 447 2.15% inbreeding, 17.8% affinity Frozen $450,Julius 4.49% inbreeding, 18.1% affinity, Sipke 1.76% inbreeding, 17.5% affinity, * Tjaarda 2.54% inbreeding, 17.3% affinity, * Gjalt 0.98% inbreeding, 17% affinity $625 dose frozen, Wylster 4.49% inbreeding, 18.1% affinity, * Elias 2.34% inbreeding, 17.4% affinity. Alwin 469, Omer 493 Some stallions are Frozen semen ONLY. Semen availability is subject to change

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Phenomenon FSF is a March 2013 2nd Premie KFPS Friesian mare sired by Doatisen 420 Sport out of our mare, Abba's Promise, who is sired by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Goffert 369. 
Phoebe, as she's known around the farm, is very willing, quick to learn and loves to be with you. she walks and trots alongside a golf cart, loves going over trot poles, lunges, loads on a trailer, bathes, stands for farrier etc. She is fine being alone or in a herd, she has excellent feet, an active reaching hind leg and freedom in the shoulder, a good walk with generous over stride and swing in her back, she also has an uphill canter that is well balanced. $20,000 firm. Sold to Griffin Sport Horses in Virginia


Believe in Miracles
Haitse 425 X Goffert 369

Abba's Promise is known for throwing exceptional foals with powerful hind ends, exceptional walks, and balanced canters and the best temperament you could ask for, friendly, willing, and quick to learn! Experience one for yourself! Believe is a 2016 filly sired by Haite 425. She earned a "high" 3rd premie at her inspection, scoring an impressive 7.5 for her trot and 32 points over all (33 points are needed for 2nd premie) For a video  click here

Congratulations Joelle!

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